Monday, September 19, 2011

My 1st NYFW Experience!

A week ago I had the pleasure of traveling back to NY to help out with Tracy Reese's show for fashion week. I left the night of FNO [Fashion's Night Out] and unfortunately wasn't able to partake in most of the festivities because of how late I got in, but I was able to see everyone dressed up & having a ball out on the streets of Manhattan. I also caught the tail-end of Tracy's event.

Tracy hosted her annual dance-a-thon at her flagship store allowing all the attendees to dance in competition for prizes. When I arrived they were all dancing in the store windows!

A couple of the designers got in on the fun! If I would've gotten there earlier, y'all know I would've hit my cat daddy for a prize!

Barbie had this event that happened throughout FNO where a free double-decker bus chauffeured fashion fanatics around Manhattan and when the bus stopped at the sponsors' locations, they could scan the code on the barbie box and get entered to win one of Barbie's fav Fall looks!

Joanna, the Product Development Coordinator for Tracy Reese, and I. Worked closely with her all Summer!

The coolest DJ ever, Tiger Lilly!

My fav person I met this Summer, Kristen, Tracy Reese, & I!

You know I couldn't resist shopping at Topshop while I was up there! Again...the mannequins are so dope.

Look who I ran into at Chipotle! Joshua Kissi from my favorite men's style blog, Street Etiquette.  Guys, if you're in fashion & don't know about their blog...get on it.

The skylights the night before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 seemed to reach beyond the stars! RIP to those lives lost, & God Bless the families affected!

On the way to the tent for the show

Lincoln Center, where all the shows are held.

Met up with all the other interns..there were about 20 of us in total, including interns from previous years that come back to help annually

They said to dress comfortably in all black. I showed up in a black tank, black jeans & my Doc Martens...most of the older interns were in heels so you know I was disappointed in myself! Won't be doing that again

Behind the scenes reports

A bit of chaos a few minutes before the show started

Each model got assigned 2 interns to help get them dressed in their looks

Snapping shots of the hair & makeup

My assigned looks

My assigned model, Sharon, was so sweet!

Tracy jumped from interview to interview backstage

Makeup artist from Mally Roncal's team doing touch ups of blush and gloss

Sharon, ready to slay on the runway lol

Ran into a fellow Durhamite, Kiera, that I didn't know was currently interning for Tracy! We went to middle school together...small world.

Solange's team touching her up before she went out to sit on the side of the runway

Sooo blown that the awesome video I took didn't save! It had a full shot of what Solange was wearing, all the action backstage, us clapping & cheering -- everything.

Models rushing back to get changed into their 2nd looks

Mally Roncal!

Lady, the designer for Frock!, and an intern.

After the show

Tracy with Angela Bassett

Close up

That ring! o_o

June Ambrose with her daughter being interviewed

Compliments after the show

The gorgeous Selita Banks

A few fashionistas I thought were fly

Finally formally met Claire, creator of !

Front rowers 


Yasss! Sharon in her 1st and 2nd looks! We struggled a bit tying her sandals, but we got her changed in about 1 minute. The show went by so quick!

I remember watching one of the designers get inspiration for this print in these two garments and painting took her like 2 or 3 days

One of the newest designers to the team [who was actually an intern when I first got up there] spent around a week on this print. It started out as a basic floral print and I watched it transform into something a bit more complex! I like it! 

I helped pack and ship the pics, color swatches, and computer file for this print to the factory.

I had a great time last weekend, and hopefully I'll be able to go back in February for Tracy's Fall 2012 show!

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