Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mood Boards

So, I've bought just about every September issue fashion mag of significance within the past couple of weeks and these are the images that inspired me. The garments worn in each shot are great, but beyond that, the mood, tone, background, print, and feel of each photo from all the different spreads are inspiring. As you can see, my mind is all over the place exploring a variety of themes and ideas I want to project in my next show [in Spring 2012]. Like last year, I'm much more comfortable getting a head start because when I procrastinate, I get messy & stressed. 
Since this is just an amateur competition, I get to choose for which season I would like to design. Though these magazines represent what's in for this Fall, I still can pull elements out of each photo &  translate them easily into the Spring. 

Particularly drawn to the silhouette of the dress worn on the right. Assuming there's not any cleavage in the front, I think it's sexy & somewhat bossy. I like the balance and the unexpected nature of it.

The drape-y sheer style gown will always catch my eye. I love the timelessness & elegance of it.

Came across a designer I've never heard of - Mary Katrantzou - & I'm already a fan. The dress on the right was made by her and when I first saw it I was amazed. It reminds me of painted porcelain; so intricate and clean in its details. 

Geesh, if my iPod camera quality wasn't so poor, you'd be able to see the gradation of the tiny dots all over the elephant. I love elephants!
On the left is the ever-so-popular pleated maxi skirt that will continue its reign well into the Fall...and on the left is A. McQueen, of course.

Deeper hues...I hate the lack of models of color in our fashion mags! I'm over the common look.

Anyways, this is only a snippet of what's caught my eye...I'm still surprised I didn't really see anything while I was in NY. Of course I saw a lot, but I wanted to veer away from the typical "I was inspired by the life of the city" or the "buildings" or "busy streets" type thing. 
I think I know what theme I want to do [which, by the way, actually came completely out of my imagination, not these photos], but it might change drastically within the next few weeks...
 Stay tuned because whatever I do will be even better than last year & I'll keep you updated throughout the process:)


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