Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA's 2011: The Stylish & The Stupid

Disclaimer: If this is your first time reading -- I'm really not negative all the time, the VMA's fashion just really upset me this year!

KING. BEY. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said That child is gonna end up just as incredible as her parents...& then some. Congrats!
And I think this Lanvin gown was a perfect choice! Complements her glow:)

LOL at Gaga's face. This goes down as one of the most epic moments e v e r [even though I wish she had on maternity leggings or something other than those regular dress pants to complement that beautiful blazer] ! ha. Look how happy & excited she is performinggggg. :))) 

Beiber boy was just trying too hard...he's like the white mini Kanye that decided to bring his pet snake. Let me guess. The glasses are for that hint of sophistication, the red pants for edge, the chains for swag, the blazer for class, and the leopard print sneakers forrrrrr....hmm. Sit.

*Looks him up & down and looks every one of my readers in the eyes with the deadest of all faces* already know what I want to say, so I'll leave it at that.

Kelly looked like the picture-perfect barbie doll in a black feathered Falguni & Shane Peacock mini dress with gold embroidery, spiked Louboutins and a black clutch. Probably my fav look.Werk! 

Newlywed Kim K. opted for the usual. A silver halter Oriett Domenech gown, form-fitting and deep plunging. Cute, but I want her to stop playing it so safe!

Creature arrived tacky & ghetto as ever... don't even know why I'm acknowledging her unfortunate relevance. 

Ladies, posture plays a huge part in how you pull off a look. Observe how self-conscious and "blah" Lil Mama looks in this pic. She has a cute little shape but...ehh. The wedges are dope, just not with that dress.

o_____o. Like, really. Why? What was the purpose behind this?
And stay away from baby Hov, you creep.

Amber looks about as flawless as ever...

I have this love/dislike relationship with Gaga. At moments she draws me in with her talent & genius...and then she takes it across the line and it becomes annoying. The beginning of the show she was great! Butttt by the time she had that drank and came up to present Britney her was just awkward and uncomfortable. I can appreciate her theatrics to a certain extent.

Everyone's makeup looked pretty on point. But it kinda sucks when the flash catches you up close like it did Kelly, and the matte-ness of her face and neck don't match the shiny-ness of the rest of her body, you know? Or am I wrong ? 

Hmmm if her belt was higher, I feel like overall this look would've been okay but it looks awkward to me. 
Seeing the little girls dance to Britney's music circa '97 was heart touching! I miss the old Britney sooooo much!


Can we just sit back and take in the collective disaster that is the cast of Jersey Shore.  Like seriously, is this a joke. Snookie was probably the best out of the worst.



I still don't understand this snake...but at least his boo looks good !

I just reallyyyy want to style Adele! She's too fab [and young] to look so matronly all the time. Heavier girls can opt for something other than the typical black empire-waist dress, and still have a flattering, sexy look! Take a chance, get some spanx, and let your inner self shine, boo!



  1. So why does it look like Nicki Minaj went swimming in a dumpster?? She always looks tacky, but her outfit just made me itch.......smh she makes me want to go shower......ew

  2. yes, she is a complete & total mess on the regular.



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