Friday, June 10, 2011

My 2nd & 3rd Weeks at My Internship

Tons of pics! So let's get to it...

We left off last time with my long commute to & from the city while I stayed my 1st week upstate. Well now I'm all moved in at FIT in the Chelsea area of Manhattan & I love it! Only 9 blocks away from Tracy Reese's office.

Ha, I look crazy

They call this a "shared apartment", but it's more like a hybrid of a dorm and an apartment. I have a roomie and we have our own kitchen & bathroom.

The view from my window

Watching one of the tech designers measure out a garment & make the necessary adjustments while I wait for my supervisors [the creative designers] to get there.

I spend like 40% of my time in the elevators of these fancy buildings all around the fashion district running errands

I like the buildings with the elevator operators! haha They're so friendly and it reminds me of the Titanic.

One of the places at which I drop off stuff

On another errand picking up 15 yds of silk

Vintage Flea Market         

On  one of my days off I came across this really dope vintage flea market a few blocks away from where I stay...

Can't wait to go back this weekend & pick up some jewelry! These people had sooo much stuff to sell

This one man had like a thousand wooden African masks for sale

The VIP Party               

Tracy Reese's flagship store turned 5 years old this week! And once I found out the other interns & myself were invited to the VIP party I rushed back to my place during my lunch break to find something to wear. We went from work straight to the party, so I only had time to do a quick change & touch up my makeup. It was the most fun I've had since I've been here. Check out the pics!

Free bar all night and these mini flavored cupcakes were delicious! Several other hors d'oeuvres like quiche and filet mignon wraps were served all night too.

The other interns! From the operations, sales, and design departments. One is from Florida, two go to school in Colorado, and I think the other lives in Manhattan.


One of the tech designers and another lady that works down on the 10th floor

Tracy's signature chandelier! & hey, there's Frank! VP of T.R. Designs, Inc.

Actress Tika Sumpter, from Gossip Girl, Law and Order SVU, One Life to Live, and she played in The Game [as Malik's new gf from rehab].

The DJ was cool

My fav tech designer, Betty. She's freelancing and she worked for Donna Karan for some years.

And the best look of the night goes to...

My fav celeb stylist, June Ambrose! She's just as beautiful, funny, and vivacious in person! Meeting her was definitely the highlight of my week. 

And she had my fav dress by Tracy Reese on! She wore it with sky high red Louboutin pumps a Chanel  bag and a hat. Her makeup was absolutely flawless too.

Met this cool designer, Jedda-Kahn too. Should've gotten a full body shot because his outfit was dope. Check out his work at!

Dressing room area

Laugh of the night: watching the designers break it down for like half an hour! Ha! 

Too cute!

The interns taking a pic with one of Tracy's makeup artists. She was so cool. She gave me advice, and said she really thinks I'm going places. I forgot to get her number! If you're reading this, hit me up at!

Me & the boss herself, Tracy Reese!

Laurisa, one of my supervisors and the Brand Licensing Manager in a Frock! by Tracy Reese dress named the "Laurisa Maxi".

Photographing people as they enter

Do's & Don'ts                

I see random fabulousness & failures in fashion daily on the streets, so I thought I'd share!

Don't: follow that ugly fad of the printed polyester shirts & dresses with the white creases! Can't stress that enough

Do: Rock vintage cut off shorts with some sick Jeffrey Campbells

Don't: Wear Forces. Everybody knows the day of 'stomping in your AF1's' is long over.

Do: Wear a nicely fitted nude dress to work with a studded bag & leopard print wedges! I think those are Steve Madden...not sure but she looked great!

Don't: ...just don't.

Hope y'all enjoyed! Stay tuned for next weeks update!


  1. Yay! Glad you're having such a good time:):)... <3 your big sis



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