Thursday, June 16, 2011

Celeb Color Blocking

Seems like all the celebs [at least some of the important ones] have been going in on this color blocking trend! I love the trend, but can we stray away from the Gucci Spring/Summer '11 collection ? My God, I'm soooo over it already. Take a look:

Here's Katy Perry in it on the cover of Elle magazine wayyy back in March

Here's Kim K. more recently wearing a different style. Can we talk about how unflattering this is on her?  And how much slimmer she looks in the poster behind her? And how it looks like she can't breathe?? Those abs have to be tight when you're wearing a look that's supposed to show them off. Kim is always on point when it comes to her dress game...what happened here?

Here's Jennifer in her Gucci looking absolutely perfect. THAT is how it's supposed to fit!

Leona kept it different and simple in her outfit. Cute! Although she could've used some accessories

This was shot a while back and Rih looked awesome. I think she pulled it off perfectly.

I was kind of in a toss up about this look on June Ambrose last night. I might've gone for a diff color shoe...maybe nude. I don't know...or maybe a diff bag.

Hmm completely random, but I would adore this gown if it didn't make Gaga look 73 pounds heavier!

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