Tuesday, June 7, 2011

C.O.J. Exclusive: Keisha Kidd's Tips on Thrifting

After noticing her fab vintage sense of style, I asked Keisha Kidd if she would like to share with you all [& myself] any advice she may have on thrifting! In recent years, a vintage [particularly 80s & 90s] frenzy has taken over the streets and fashion blogs as one of the top trends of the moment. But Keisha, a 21 year-old Durham native [woop!], was far ahead of what everyone else said was "in"; having shopped at quality hand-me-down stores since she was 12.
Check out the interview below!

 Age: 21
Mini bio: An Aquarius born in Rockville, MD, raised in the city of Durham, NC. I love being surrounded by friends and family, but absolutely adore my time spent alone (a "sociable loner" is what I call myself, ha!). My taste in music varies from classic jazz, blues, and soul, to rock, to underground hip-hop. A lover of all things original, creative, and expressive.
Future aspirations: Run and own my own "funky" vintage boutique in an artsy area of a nice city, somewhere... That is the dream. 
Style description: A mix of '80s, '90s, and today.

First off, what are some of your fav places to thrift?

 I'd definitely have to say my favorite place is Goodwill. I've always gone thrifting, and have found some really interesting shops, but for some reason I have the BEST luck in the world of Goodwill. I always find a variety of items I just can't live without. There is also a local thrift/consignment store, My Secret Closet, which I really enjoy browsing around.

 What's usually the the price range you're looking to pay for certain items? 

 I don't typically have a price range for individual items. What I do, is allow myself anywhere from $15 - $25 to shop with. I try to see how many dope pieces I can find within that allotted budget. With $25, I can usually snag up to about 7 things.

What's the best deal you've ever found?     

Ah yes, this is an easy one. The best deal I ever found was an authentic, "old school"  (as I like to say) Dooney & Bourke, cross-body bag... for 15 dollars. I felt like I totally hit the jackpot. 

When are the best times of the year to go thrifting? 

I'd say the best time to go thrifting is the end of winter/early spring. It only makes sense considering that's when a good bit of people go crazy with spring cleaning and get rid of all their old "junk" they've had locked away for years and years! Plus, if you get lucky you can go ahead and stock up on some neat vintage sweaters for the next fall/winter!

 What are a few good tips everyone should go by when they thrift?

"Think outside the box. I've never understood why people go thrifting in attempts to find things that are currently 'in style'. 

The whole point of shopping in thrift stores is to discover items that other people currently AREN'T wearing and in a sense, wouldn't wear.

My advice is to walk into the thrift store and find the "ugliest" item with the most potential and MAKE IT WORK... make it YOU. Be creative and most importantly, have fun!!! 

(It also doesn't hurt to check the pocket of the pants you try on. You might get lucky a find a couple extra dollars. Trust me, it happens.)"

I wish Keisha the very best on her endeavors and I'm definitely looking forward to her future funky vintage boutique! 
Feel free to comment below with any further questions you have!

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