Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 4 & 5 of my Internship! 

Fun with Friends            

one morning off to work!

Meredith's [center] bday dinner at Blockhead's! 

Intern bonding: Evan & Kristen

Yay for new friends! & Yay for that vintage yellow blazer I got for $5 at the flea market!

Birthday tequila shot! She just turned 22! 

Ice cream cake from Coldstone! yum

Most of us

Party #2              

Party #2 out of 3 [An Evening of Accessories] celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Tracy Reese's flagship store!

Me & Katy! She served as somewhat of a bartender that night

I just loved how beautiful the bathroom was in her store lol

Accessories by Jennifer Oullette

Jewelry by Gerard Yosca

Dj Tiger Lilly! She's so nice & her business cards are super cute!

One of the newer design interns, Kristen, and I wearing Jennifer's headbands. She goes to Parson's!

Trying on hats


Me & VP of Sales of T.R. Designs, Inc. [Tracy's company] Dope style!

Us and jewelry designer, Gerard Yosca! Cool guy

Enjoying a day in the city with my sister who just arrived. We're staying together now & she's begun her production/photography internship

Bold color + stripes + leopard print scarf = a yasss in my book

SoHo Exploration           

Entering SoHo. I love how expressive the mannequins are here

Shepard Fairey graffiti art; the artist behind the Obey brand and the famous Obama art [click here to see more] 

The building where Gabby [my sister] is interning

Alexander Wang store

Topshop = heaven. Four stories of amazingness. I spent a couple hours in there

The best mannequins I've ever seen

Dash, the Kardashian sisters' store

The line to get inside their store, hence the reason I didn't go in
Party #3            

Look who it is! Celeb makeup artist Mally Roncal! Her clientele includes A list celebrities like Beyoncé, J.Lo, and Mariah Carey, and designers such as Tracy Reese, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, and many more. Check out her portfolio here and her makeup line here.

Sweet & funny lady in person! It was a pleasure meeting her!

Gabbs getting her makeup done by Mally's team!

Sally Hansen people doing free manicures 

Waiting in line

Wish Gabby would smile! I'm just going to keep taking pics of her until she does. She'd rather be behind the camera though. 

Stay tuned for next weeks update! I'm halfway through!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bey Seasonnnn !

It's that time again! She's back & better than ever! Beyoncé has been everywhere covering mags left & right and I ain't mad at her! She could be on every cover on the stand and I wouldn't be tired of seeing her & all of her fabulousness. Most of these are fashion mags too; which, to me, holds more significance because I feel like you have to be highly regarded in the fashion industry to be on such a cover. Usually icons, models, or at least very stylish celebrities achieve that honor.
 Check out 4 very different spreads she has out right now:

July '11 W; in this spread she's styled mostly in Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, & Marc Jacobs. She accessorized with David Yurman jewelry, and her hair & makeup is all L'Oréal Paris

I love that Gucci silk shrug!

July '11 Dazed and Confused; This might be my fav spread of her thus far because of its funkiness. Love those nails!

The contrast of the formal gown and the large fast food cup interests me in this shot.

Definitely a different concept for a photo in a magazine spread.

I needed some time to live. I’ve been signed to the same label since I was 12 years old and never had more than a month and a half off since I was 13. I’ve worked so hard for so many years and just felt like, ‘Well, why not?’” she told Dazed & Confused about taking time away from the music industry.

July/August '11 L'uomo Vogue; Bey gets in touch with her masculine side and channels the 1920s detective/stage performer. She's styled in Dior Homme on the cover.


July '11- Essence; Cowgirl theme to represent her Texas upbringing. 

I love her dark brows + her golden blonde hair

Ha! Look at homie in the back!

& I think this is every girls anthem. Can't wait to get her album!


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