Saturday, May 28, 2011

My First Week at my Internship!

So my 1st week working for Tracy Reese was long, but fun! I learned sooo much about how things work, from inspiration & sketches, to the final garments they sell. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more. What made this week longer was the commute from Beacon [upstate NY] to Manhattan, because I don't move into the Fashion Institute [a few blocks from where I'm working] until tomorrow. The commute is almost an hour & a half by train to & from the city, so I had to get up around 5:45am to get ready and I would get home around 9pm. Luckily I don't have to endure that struggle anymore!  
Anyways, check out the pics below!

2nd day before heading to the train station around 6:50am

Most of these people do this commute to the city everyday! There is no way...

& they all sleep on the train

1st day on the train

Don't usually even drink coffee but I needed it by day 3!

The morning rush off the train

Beautiful Grand Central

Bryant Park on the way to work

Working in the middle of the fashion district means all my errands are within a few blocks

My dream grad school

Arriving at the building

19 floors

A list of all the other companies in the building. Tracy has the 10th & 19th floor


TV on the elevator is a win when you're always on it to go run errands 

Entrance & the front desk 


Handbook includes all the info I need, including the addresses of all the different places at which I have to pick things up/drop things off for the designers

The boss' office.

In the design room...before the designers got there

Back room

Steaming clothing samples for model fittings

The showroom

Another view

A view out the window

Mood boards. Inspiration for future seasons/garments. I help printing out the prints, putting them together, cutting out color & fabric samples, and pics they like from mags.

Our little surprise going away party for one of the designers. I'm sad she's leaving, she's so nice!

After I first met Tracy, she asked me to go get her coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts. lol Everybody's perception of fashion internships aren't completely true! Yes, I run a lot of errands, but in this first week I've already helped out a lot with the design process. Everyone is nice and the team is close like a family. It's a nice, relaxed & fun place to work.

On the search for brown sequins

Where I'll be staying come next week. 

Stay tuned to my weekly updates!


  1. This is so awesome Joelle. Please continue to update us on your journey.



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