Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Billboard Music Awards: Who Had the Best Look?

Fergie's unique black dress and Louboutin Daffodil Platform Pumps

Ehh. I think this dress made Ke$ha look wider. What do you think?
 Kelly killed in this pink Herve Ledger Bondage body con. So simple, but not boring! Wondering why her figure is looking extra perfect? She's been training with Jeanette Jenkins [@JeanetteJenkins ], popular celeb trainer and nutritionist. Let Kelly's results be your motivation and follow her to get great tips on how to tone up! It's helping me already!

I loved Keri in this bright sheer sleeved mini dress. Though she often misses, but this one was a hit.

Blehh. I wasn't really a fan of this black in leopard gown on MJB. She looks great, I'm just bored with the dress. Next!

 Rih looked a bit more mature, like older [not a bad thing], in her all white ensemble. Definitely a diff look for her, & I love it. Are pointy stilettos back in, or did they never really go out in certain occasions? I think it just depends on the shoe. I feel like they're still fine in the workplace...

I like this look for Michelle! It's unique and actually reminds me of something Ciara would wear. Is it me or does her face look so much older than Kelly & Bey's?

Any who, vote for your fav look!

Could Bey be more amazing ?

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