Saturday, May 28, 2011

My First Week at my Internship!

So my 1st week working for Tracy Reese was long, but fun! I learned sooo much about how things work, from inspiration & sketches, to the final garments they sell. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more. What made this week longer was the commute from Beacon [upstate NY] to Manhattan, because I don't move into the Fashion Institute [a few blocks from where I'm working] until tomorrow. The commute is almost an hour & a half by train to & from the city, so I had to get up around 5:45am to get ready and I would get home around 9pm. Luckily I don't have to endure that struggle anymore!  
Anyways, check out the pics below!

2nd day before heading to the train station around 6:50am

Most of these people do this commute to the city everyday! There is no way...

& they all sleep on the train

1st day on the train

Don't usually even drink coffee but I needed it by day 3!

The morning rush off the train

Beautiful Grand Central

Bryant Park on the way to work

Working in the middle of the fashion district means all my errands are within a few blocks

My dream grad school

Arriving at the building

19 floors

A list of all the other companies in the building. Tracy has the 10th & 19th floor


TV on the elevator is a win when you're always on it to go run errands 

Entrance & the front desk 


Handbook includes all the info I need, including the addresses of all the different places at which I have to pick things up/drop things off for the designers

The boss' office.

In the design room...before the designers got there

Back room

Steaming clothing samples for model fittings

The showroom

Another view

A view out the window

Mood boards. Inspiration for future seasons/garments. I help printing out the prints, putting them together, cutting out color & fabric samples, and pics they like from mags.

Our little surprise going away party for one of the designers. I'm sad she's leaving, she's so nice!

After I first met Tracy, she asked me to go get her coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts. lol Everybody's perception of fashion internships aren't completely true! Yes, I run a lot of errands, but in this first week I've already helped out a lot with the design process. Everyone is nice and the team is close like a family. It's a nice, relaxed & fun place to work.

On the search for brown sequins

Where I'll be staying come next week. 

Stay tuned to my weekly updates!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Billboard Music Awards: Who Had the Best Look?

Fergie's unique black dress and Louboutin Daffodil Platform Pumps

Ehh. I think this dress made Ke$ha look wider. What do you think?
 Kelly killed in this pink Herve Ledger Bondage body con. So simple, but not boring! Wondering why her figure is looking extra perfect? She's been training with Jeanette Jenkins [@JeanetteJenkins ], popular celeb trainer and nutritionist. Let Kelly's results be your motivation and follow her to get great tips on how to tone up! It's helping me already!

I loved Keri in this bright sheer sleeved mini dress. Though she often misses, but this one was a hit.

Blehh. I wasn't really a fan of this black in leopard gown on MJB. She looks great, I'm just bored with the dress. Next!

 Rih looked a bit more mature, like older [not a bad thing], in her all white ensemble. Definitely a diff look for her, & I love it. Are pointy stilettos back in, or did they never really go out in certain occasions? I think it just depends on the shoe. I feel like they're still fine in the workplace...

I like this look for Michelle! It's unique and actually reminds me of something Ciara would wear. Is it me or does her face look so much older than Kelly & Bey's?

Any who, vote for your fav look!

Could Bey be more amazing ?

Monday, May 16, 2011

C.O.J's Stylish Students of the Year: Ashley Hardesty & Jeremy Brown

Ashley & Jeremy are two of the most stylish people I've met at my school. In addition to having an exceptional amount of knowledge of the industry, they exemplify true style day in and day out. I really admire their boldness and ingenuity. Check out the pics & interviews below!

Ashley Hardesty 
Twitter: @LeBelle
age: 21 years of age

mini bio: I'm currently an upcoming senior attending North Carolina State University; majoring in Fashion Textile Management with a concentration in Fashion Development and Brand Management.  I've always been interested in fashion since I was young.  Starting with my parents allowing me to dress myself at age 6.  I would go through at least three outfit looks a day.  I believe because my parents were so supportive and let me express myself at such a young age, I was able to branch into a young woman who is never afraid to make a statement. Be it BIG or small. 
one article of clothing you cant live without: Skirts! I love how skirts are feminine and accentuate the hips.  Be it if they're empire and skin tight, Maxi length to the floor, or tulip. Love them all!

most stylish celeb: Solange Knowles/Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

fav place to shop: Second hand thrift stores and Vintage online shops. 

fav summer trend: Color blocked clothing

fav designer & why: I don't really have a favorite designer but I do like the designers under the Alexander McQueen label. The designs are so imaginative and exaggerated like out of a children's story book. It makes me think of clothing as simply fabric to embody silhouettes and not a captive expression of how you should dress or there being a correct way to dress. Express yourself they're just garments.

how would you describe your personal style: "Hippie Chic". Im intune with my inner child. I'm expressive of my culture. I love my oversized and torn shirts. I love my cut off jeans/ shorts. I love my turbans, head wraps, and scarves. I love my Louis Vuitton bags. I like my feathers and leather. Jewel tones and pearls. I like my couture labels. I like my six inch heels.

Career Objective: Ultimately, to have my own Fashion Styling and Fashion Production Firm in New York and California. Providing Fashion Styling for celebrities, socialites, and production for Fashion Shows.  Prior to graduating, I would like to work with notary brands in the industry with marketing and branding. 


Jeremy J Brown
Age: 22

mini bio: I’m an aspiring Men’s Fashion Designer/Stylist, a senior at North Carolina State University, Majoring in Fashion and Apparel Management with a concentration in Fashion Development & Product Management.

one article of clothing you can’t live without: I am in love with my African Dashiki I love it I love it I love it (it was a present that my friend got me on her study abroad to Africa), oh and my YSL black blazer! I love that thing.

most stylish celeb: Hands down Lauryn Hill. Yeah, I said it Ms.Hill…she is beyond this life time for me. She does all the wrong things but they seem so right for me. I love her. Anything she wears just blows me.

fav place to shop: I love to shop in thrift stores and Ready-to-Wear shops that’s all I don’t shop anywhere else. I might do an occasional J.Crew, though.

fav summer trend: I don’t do trends. I wear what ever I like no matter if the masses are wearing it or not. Yeah I’m not big on trends or fast fashion.

fav designer & why: The beloved Lee Alexander McQueen, he is an absolute genius point blank period. I’m amazed at how he brings dreams to reality; he is so fantasy like. And it’s not just about fashion, it’s about everything like the demeanor of a woman or man - with his shows he creates movies. He is what fashion has missed for a long time. Most importantly, I love how he takes risks and doesn’t care what anyone else is doing - what’s in what’s not, or what the color of the season is. HE JUST DESIGNS!! I love that. So sad he left us. But I pull my hat off to Sarah Burton, she is doing a brilliant job with the line now.

how would you describe your personal style: my style I guess is eclectic; I have an anything goes attitude when it comes to fashion. If it looks right on you, go for it.  Someone, no matter what you wear, will appreciate your style.

career goals: Ultimately I want to have my own line, and a styling firm. I also would like to become the McQueen/Poiret/Balmain of North America (brands that I really look up to). 


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