Friday, April 22, 2011

The Making of the Collection


Sorry my sketches are so sloppy! I didn't get around to taking the time to draw more professional ones. I did all the dresses using measurements only--I didn't make or use any patterns, except for the pattern pieces to make sleeves and arm holes. It took a lot of fittings with each model [also because I had to switch out most of my models by the time of the show!] Haha. But I started really early, around September/October. I wish I hadn't procrastinated because I ended up working until a couple of days before the show, which is what I didn't want to do. I'm glad how everything turned out, nonetheless!

I'm already thinking of ideas for next year's show and I really feel like I'll find my inspiration and figure out my theme while I'm in New York this summer. This show has been my biggest accomplishment yet, and I'm looking forward to doing many more!

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