Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vogue Italia February 2011: The Black Allure

I may be a tad late with this one, but this spread is amazingly gorgeous:)

Behind the Scenes of the Shoot

Umm...yesss for this video being shot to the soulful voice of Nina Simone!

Photographer: Emma Summerton
Stylist: Edward Enninful
Models: Ajak Deng, Chanel Iman, Arlenis Sosa Peña, Jourdan Dunn, Melodie Monrose, Lais Ribeiro, Rose Cordero, Mia Aminata Niaria, Sessilee Lopez, Joan Smalls, and Georgie Baddiel

"Edward Enninful delivers as usual with styling that’s a fantastic nod to the Harlem Renaissance movement circa 1920′s, captured through the lens of Emma Summerton." -Omoyemi Akerele, Fashion Blogger

Though this spread did provoke some controversy, ["Why do they need to do a spread dedicated to only Black models?", "Why is it only during Black History Month that we see so many models of color in one magazine?", etc.] I feel like these models should be recognized all together as the diversity in the fashion industry slowly continues to grow. Perhaps more designers will be more inspired to make brown skin more prevalent on their runways, not as some trend or fetish, but something to be embraced and included in the "traditional notions of beauty". Hopefully it has reached out to young brown skinned, full lipped girls that aspire to model one day as well. I'm also not sure that the title of the spread is appropriate, but these things will get better with time, I suppose.
Anyways, the colors, textures, and make up all look fab!

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