Monday, January 3, 2011

Beyonce Walks in Tom Ford Fashion Show

Last year, Beyonce ripped the runway in a secret Women's Wear Show for Tom Ford's [former Creative Director for Gucci & YSL] Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

[2:03 mark is where she comes in]

Doesn't she look great? I love when designers use celebrities [or people in general] with curvier bodies in their shows! Go Bey!


  1. I really like how Bey's dress has a 50's feel to it. And it's very flattering to her shape. Do those shoes go all the way up her leg??......if so, that's hot!!

  2. yea she looks amazing & yes I believe they do...I don't see a strap for the shoes down at her feet so they must be some sort of boots



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