Friday, December 17, 2010

Joelle's Fashion Bombshell of the Day Feature

Hey you guyssss! Thank you to everyone who commented and congratulated me on my feature on the very popular [has about 12,000 followers] Fashion Bomb Daily blog [click here if you missed it]! I was pleased and a little caught off guard with the post, as I thought that there would be some sort of process in being picked to be featured when I submitted my photos & statement. I was happy about the overall comments & ratings I got about my style from people all over the country because most of them were positive and encouraging. I was, however, disappointed in the lack of open-mindedness in some of the readers. I openly accept constructive criticism, but I felt the level of disrespect & rudeness that was put on my post [and most other fashion bombshell's posts] was completely unnecessary. I felt so strongly about that because I feel everyone has their own personal style and the right to express it, therefore I feel that those who often feel the need to post all the completely negative comments are out of line. At the end of the day I laughed it off [as I do most things lol] but again thank you to any and everyone who posted positive comments and constructive criticism:) That really made my week.
Anyways, you can click here to cast your vote for fashion bombshell of the year. Though I wasn't nominated, there are some pretty stylish ladies in the running! So go ahead and choose your favs:)

One of the overall messages I want to convey with my blog is that it's f a s h i o n! Your style is your own! Never be afraid to wear what you like or what makes you feel good because at the end of the day, YOU'RE the one that has to wear it...not anyone else:)

Thanks for the continued support and think in color,


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