Sunday, November 7, 2010

C.O.J.'s Stylish Students: Joseph McRae

Name: Joseph McRae


Age: 19

Location: Raleigh, NC

Bio: I am a sophomore at North Carolina State University double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Finance. I was born and raised in Charlotte NC, which isn’t the most fashionable city; however, my passion for fashion was derived from the influence of my mother. As a child my mother would always keep me well dressed, and as I matured I developed my own sense of fashion. I believe fashion is a perception and I thrive to get my own individual perception. I do consider myself to have a good fashion sense: however, I am not fashionably educated so I am not familiar with a lot of designers and things of that nature.


One thing you can’t live without? My sunglasses

Most Fashionable Celeb? Kanye West

Favorite Place to shop? Thrift stores

Favorite Fall Trend? Mixtures of textures and patterns

How would you describe your personal style? A unique mixture of  geek chic, and high fashion

Joseph is the second, and most definitely not the last subject of this series! 
NC STATE STUDENTS: I'll be on the look out for more fashion-forward guys & girls to recognize! If you have any suggestions, hit me up on facebook...until then I have a few in mind :)
Who's next?
Will it be you?

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