Monday, August 2, 2010

Pic of the Day

My MY is Rih's face beat!  I wonder what event this was for...but here she is shown with eyelashes by celeb eyelash guru Ja'Maal Buster. Ja'maal states that the eyelashes are essential to giving you that POW effect, as your eyes are the first thing that people usually notice. He goes on to say that celebrities cant live without his lashes and he calls them "Lash Barbies". His not too costly eyelash line has creations named after his clients [who include Bey, Kim K., Rihanna, and Lala] like "Gold Digger", "Diva", "Trophy Wife", "Disturbia", just to name a few. I love this idea! Even though I'm not really one to wear falsies, I do enjoy his concept.

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