Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celeb Style: Kanye

Kanye recently twitpic-ed a couple of photos of his day to night attire. Personally, I have always adored a man that can dress his butt off...and this man is certainly one to fit in that category. In these pics he shows that you can change an outfit from daytime to night by simply switching out a lighter neutral piece with a darker neutral piece. I also admire men that can change it up with a different kind of color palette. My rule when experimenting with colors is to use 3 different colors at the most [doesn't really matter which] and putting them with ONE good solid neutral. It makes the outfit much more dope [if you do it right] without looking crazy. I am in love with that turquoise blazer and leather Phillip Lim shorts! 

PS. If your not following him on twitter you're late! :) [@kanyewest]

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