Thursday, August 26, 2010

Interesting Pics of the Week

I like the top...but this is an awkward outfit

I'm not ready for Rih to get her hair back long! Plus this distorted bob looks weird

Aww the girls have grown so much! They're too cute

Kourtney just saw a ghost

Rocsi...shoot your stylist...Chris, Ima need you to find some longer shorts. Terrence just sit down.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I Wore: 08242010

denim vest: forever 21
Levi jeans
Oscar de la Renta floral scarf
bag: Aldo
lace up fringe boots: Urban Outfitters
bangles: Aldo and mommy's hand-me-downs

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I wore: 08212010

sheer blouse: h&m
shorts: urban outfitters
sandals: buffalo exchange [boston]
glasses: idk
bangles: aldo & mommy's hand-me-downs
dooney & bourke leather cross body purse: mommy's hand-me-downs

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

C.O.J. Exclusive: Interview with Eyewear Designers Coco&Breezy

If you read any good fashion blog faithfully you will see these twin entrepreneurs 
rocking their eclectic outfits and dope shades. Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Kelly Osborne, Vanessa Simmons,
Amber Rose, and many more have purchased their urban rock styled eyewear. I have followed them on
twitter for months and they have instantly become a huge inspiration for me and anyone else willing to do
what ever it takes to achieve their dreams!
I was lucky enough to be able to ask them a few questions...

1. So I read that you guys don't take off your glasses. Is that just for promotion or is there an actual statement behind that?
    - its a statement. We dont like to show our eyes to people, and are shy underneath the eyewear. 


2. About how many celebs do you think have worn your designs?
   - over 20 
3. Where does your inspiration come from?
   - Art, futuristic, and having a mind that thinks outside of the box.  

4. I also read that you're from Minnesota! Wow that's a big jump from there to NY. Did you have any trouble adjusting to being in the limelight?
  - No, we had our mind to go for our dream and NYC, and we work very hard to get what we want.  

5. What's it been like meeting all these celebs and becoming well known in the industry in such a short amount of time?
- Its been cool, we remain humble, its cool to have been successful in a short amount of
time, we wanted to work extra hard to prove & inspire people that they can go for a dream and make it.


QUICK QUESTIONS (use only one word to answer)

Describe your style. - AHH!!! 

Fav food. - pizza

Breezy: describe Coco in one word. - MEAN! lol

Coco: What's Breezy's fav thing to do? - ACT CRAZY hahaha

Where you'd like to be (career-wise) in 5 years.- continue the success


follow them! they're about to be big! @cocoandbreezy & hit up to purchase unique shades!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celeb Style: Kanye

Kanye recently twitpic-ed a couple of photos of his day to night attire. Personally, I have always adored a man that can dress his butt off...and this man is certainly one to fit in that category. In these pics he shows that you can change an outfit from daytime to night by simply switching out a lighter neutral piece with a darker neutral piece. I also admire men that can change it up with a different kind of color palette. My rule when experimenting with colors is to use 3 different colors at the most [doesn't really matter which] and putting them with ONE good solid neutral. It makes the outfit much more dope [if you do it right] without looking crazy. I am in love with that turquoise blazer and leather Phillip Lim shorts! 

PS. If your not following him on twitter you're late! :) [@kanyewest]

Thursday, August 12, 2010

By Joelle<3

Finallyyy I can post something I made! You like? This plum high-waisted pencil skirt can work for any season. It's comfortable, chic, and a piece of clothing every girl should have in their closet. Email me at to have one custom-made. 


I am surrounded by brilliant and ambitious people most of whom I've known since middle school...I love them sooo much! They give me life :)

Let's start with my bestie...Kelsey! One that has definitely been there for me thru the thick & thin! Kels is a very talented singer and dancer and I admire how she always pushes me to be better and pushes herself to step out of her shell and share her talent with everyone.

Erin...this girl is so funny! She's always encouraging and supportive of my and my little projects. She's an aspiring dentist but she loves doing make-up on the side for fashion shows and other events. A few more years of experience and training and I think she'll be a force to be reckoned with! up and coming model/actor. He's at Pratt Institute in NY following his dreams and did I mention he's an amaaazinggg artist. I love how he's stayed so down-to-earth over the years and especially this past year when he went to the city. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

A dress designed and made by Kenny for his prom date.

Kenny B! An aspiring fashion designer like myself that is attending FIDM in LA. [jealous! haha] This is my bro! He always thinks out of the box and is so funny and always makes you smile. I adore his talent and passion and perhaps one day we'll do a collab:)

Anthony and fav twins! We aren't best friends [we don't see each other often] but they are so much fun and some of the most talented dancers I know. They've been on 'America's Best Dance Crew' [1 season] and 'So You Think You Can Dance' [3 seasons] and their passion and persistence is nothing less than inspiring!


Halle Berry Covers Vogue


Halle does it again! Does this woman ever get old? She's fab & she looks amazing a this shoot...I love how they took velvet [a fabric of which I'm not usually fond] and made it chic and fashionable. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Diggy Simmons


I suppose I'm a sucker for the urban-prep look when it comes to guys. It's just something about that darn bow tie, casual vest, and blazer that really gets my attention! Diggy has really grown up...I don't know what his big bro Jojo is doing as far as his style [and music], but uhhh it ain't this! Diggy is killing me softly with all this swag! Keep showing these boys how to dress Diggy, they'll thank you some day.
Pic of the Day

My MY is Rih's face beat!  I wonder what event this was for...but here she is shown with eyelashes by celeb eyelash guru Ja'Maal Buster. Ja'maal states that the eyelashes are essential to giving you that POW effect, as your eyes are the first thing that people usually notice. He goes on to say that celebrities cant live without his lashes and he calls them "Lash Barbies". His not too costly eyelash line has creations named after his clients [who include Bey, Kim K., Rihanna, and Lala] like "Gold Digger", "Diva", "Trophy Wife", "Disturbia", just to name a few. I love this idea! Even though I'm not really one to wear falsies, I do enjoy his concept.
Fashion Horror of the Day

Need I say anything at all ? While I am happy for TI and Tiny's union I must say this: if I e v e r catch one of my friends sashaying down the aisle with this atrociousss creation I will snatch it off of them myself. I might not do that for the sake of your dignity but I WILL give you a harsh look and a stern lecture after the ceremony:) 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Here Comes the Preggo Bride! 



These pics from Alicia & Swizz Beats' wedding in Corsica are stunninggg. That dress is fab. Although I think they make a great I the only one that feels sorry Swizz's ex-wife Mashonda? I read her side of the story in Juicy Magazine and was kind of stunned that Alicia would partake in something like this. But as we all know every story has 3 sides to it...
Pic of the Day
Kim K. & Lala step out in the night looking stylish and sexy with printed body con dresses on. I personally love the looks. Is it me or did Lala start dressing better after she started hanging with Kim. Let's observe!

La La Vazquez (U.S. TABS OUT)  (L-R)  La La, Vanessa Minnillo and Susie Castillo pose backstage during a taping for MTV Spring Break on the beach at The City nightclub March 10, 2005 in Cancun, Mexico. that's ok Lala, we all go through that phase! You're stylish now and that's all that matters haha


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