Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spotlight on: Osborn Shoes

While I was doing my monthly perusal of Nylon Magazine I came across some really funky & dope shoes. Osborn Shoes production workshop is located in Guatemala and all of their shoes are handmade.
Osborn Shoe Production
Hand Cut

"Our inspiration is drawn from human relationships, the vibrancy of life within its conflict and resolve, and artisanal grit. We showcase an evolving line of products, and through the continuous collaboration with friends, economically disadvantaged artisans, creative entities, and with each other, we seek now, more than ever, to embody hope in design."

Here are some of my favs:

Image of Kente Booties
Kente Booties-$80
Image of Bundle Jazzies
Bundle Jazzies-$98

Image of Black Seersucker Oxford
Black Seersucker Oxfords-$98

Image of Black and Colorful Bootie
Black and Colorful Bootie-$150

I think with the right outfit you could make a statement in some of these...I love them & hopefully I'll get to invest in them soon:) <--shop other looks

The "happy family" [as stated on their website] that makes the but like 10 of them in the back are mean-muggin.

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