Monday, July 12, 2010

My Art

My fav...took 3 weeks to finish [including a big fuss over me not meeting the deadline ha]. I put a lot of thought in how I selected the pics to put in this collage & the arrangement. The part that was the most fun to do was probably Karl in the top left corner. The Alexander McQueen bag behind his pic probably took the longest to color...along with the deep brown skinned girl. Done in pastels, Prismacolor colored pencils, charcoal, & pen.  Anywho I love it & it will be framed in my room:)

A portrait done from a spread of Amanda Seyfried [the dumb blonde in Mean Girls lol] in Teen Vogue mag. Pointalistic/Crosshatch/Contour assignment done in pen & ink.

A portrait of this singer named Alice Smith...done in Ebony pencil, Prismacolor colored pencil, & Charcoal

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