Friday, July 30, 2010

Behind the Video...

Wow you this came out 10 times better than I thought it would! Words cannot express how grateful I am for my sister and all of her talent and perfectionism. I love you Gabby. I got the concept like a month ago and originally i just wanted to be shot walking in a few diff outfits...and that was going to be it. My sister decided to do alllll these different locations in DC, Southfield & Royal Oak in Michigan, while I was driving, and street shots. The video is comprised of about 60 of the like 200 video shots that we did over the past 3 weeks and it took her 2 days to finish the video editing. I wish I could've done bloopers of all the times Gabby almost fell as she was walking backwards while shooting and me accidently laughing while trying to look serious lol Anywho, I really appreciate all the love and support you guys it means a lot to me! I'm always up to something so stay tuned & keep reading:)
♥ joelle

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