Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little Celeb Fashion...

Cute look for Melonie Fiona..really like the shoes

Here Bey looks like a Barbie! Very flattering dress on her. This proves you don't need plastic surgery to look good. Just treat your body right, wear clothes that look good on YOU, and get a good i kid.

Diff kind of look for Heidi....which I loveee. I'm used to seeing her in a soft/edgy combo but this here is edgy all the way. I love the choice in shoe color, the shortened length of the double-breasted blazer, the harem-style jumpsuit, & the hair just completes the entire look. Bravo!
Behind the Video...

Wow you this came out 10 times better than I thought it would! Words cannot express how grateful I am for my sister and all of her talent and perfectionism. I love you Gabby. I got the concept like a month ago and originally i just wanted to be shot walking in a few diff outfits...and that was going to be it. My sister decided to do alllll these different locations in DC, Southfield & Royal Oak in Michigan, while I was driving, and street shots. The video is comprised of about 60 of the like 200 video shots that we did over the past 3 weeks and it took her 2 days to finish the video editing. I wish I could've done bloopers of all the times Gabby almost fell as she was walking backwards while shooting and me accidently laughing while trying to look serious lol Anywho, I really appreciate all the love and support you guys it means a lot to me! I'm always up to something so stay tuned & keep reading:)
♥ joelle

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dope or Nope: Rihanna in D&G

I'm not sure why this D&G one-shouldered jumpsuit reminds me of the clown suit my mother dressed me up in 3 halloweens in a row, but it does. [shivers] Now this isn't a complete Nope, butttt it would be a Dope in my book if it wasn't multi-colored polka dots. What about a floral print, different directional stripes, or something. Just a suggestion ?

Pic of the Day

Y'all may have already seen this cover and as did I but this time I reall observed it. I loveeee it! Teyana Taylor looks flawless & fierce! The lip color is fab too.

Chili Looks Sexy for Kontrol Magazine


um. why is she single again? good look Chili!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

C.O.J. Exclusive Beauty Tip #1

I've been thinking of more features to do for my blog and an obvious one popped up in my mind: beauty tips! Including make-up, skin, hair, etc. I have some that I've used over the passed few years that worked for me and i figured that some of my readers would like to contribute some helpful tips as well, so maybe I'll start doing this as a monthly or just random feature. Enjoy:)

I would loveee to dedicate this first tip to my now favorite beauty product line Lush. As I am typing right now I have on their Brazened Honey Mask that is described as a "powerhouse of effective ingredients for all tired skins, exfoliating, detoxifying, stimulating, and nourishing." These ingredients include ground almonds, honey, herbs, fruit juice and more and leaves my skin vibrant and revitalized.

 As a daily regimen I use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. My cleanser from Lush is called Angels on Bare Skin which also has almonds to scrub, lavender, rose oil, and lavender oil (which are great for toning). What I like is that it works great, you only need a pea sized amount, it's about $11 and it lasted me throughout a whole school year AND some of the summer.

My toner is Lush's Tea Tree Water, which some of you may already be aware of as a good natural ingredient that tackles blemishes. The Juniper berry water in it also is very good for helping oily, spot-prone, and acne skins.
Tea Tree Water Toner by LUSH
Lastly, for the moisturizer, I use Imperialis which is made with lavender, orange flowers and tiger lilies to create well balanced skin. 

I'm telling you you should really try this stuff! If you really know me you know that my skin used to do the most with its constant breakouts and never-disappearing blemishes...sooo frustrating because I tried e v e r y t h i n g [screw you Proactive] and nothing really worked until I started using Lush. I know i sound like a commercial but I'm serious! lol It's a little pricey but it last a longgg time. The moisturizer is the most expensive and it doesn't last as long so if you know you don't need it don't get it. 
To all my NC readers: You can find Lush on the first floor in Crabtree. The workers are really nice and you can get free samples to take home. Another recommendation is their bath bombs that fizz in the water and leave you with really soft, sweet-smelling skin:)

Enough of my rambling... check it out--->
Spotlight on: Osborn Shoes

While I was doing my monthly perusal of Nylon Magazine I came across some really funky & dope shoes. Osborn Shoes production workshop is located in Guatemala and all of their shoes are handmade.
Osborn Shoe Production
Hand Cut

"Our inspiration is drawn from human relationships, the vibrancy of life within its conflict and resolve, and artisanal grit. We showcase an evolving line of products, and through the continuous collaboration with friends, economically disadvantaged artisans, creative entities, and with each other, we seek now, more than ever, to embody hope in design."

Here are some of my favs:

Image of Kente Booties
Kente Booties-$80
Image of Bundle Jazzies
Bundle Jazzies-$98

Image of Black Seersucker Oxford
Black Seersucker Oxfords-$98

Image of Black and Colorful Bootie
Black and Colorful Bootie-$150

I think with the right outfit you could make a statement in some of these...I love them & hopefully I'll get to invest in them soon:) <--shop other looks

The "happy family" [as stated on their website] that makes the but like 10 of them in the back are mean-muggin.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celeb Fashion: Rihanna

Looks like her security guy had a little accident lol...but I believe it's her hand casting a shadow.

The songstress stepped out in a one-shouldered leather dress which at first glance, looked to me like a trash bag. Haha nevertheless I like it, it's a simple yet edgy look. I think her red hair is slowly growing on me...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Love with Rihanna's nail styles? Try this:

Black with sparkly gold tips! Unique without the ghetto vibe! Wish My nails would grow in oval instead of square;p

Quick Run Down of the ESPYS Fashion

Sir. Sit down. #kthanx

One of my fav tennis players...looks like she's wearing something similar to what Serena wore out to the court

Cute Venus, just don't really like the shoes

MMMmmm yes, Reggie is looking dapper!

Ghetto mess.

Michele Kwan was like my childhood idol. She looks nice

I honestly don't know who you are but i do enjoy the draping on this dress:)

Sanaa...not my fav but i DO love you!

Love it but I was expecting something a little more dressy Kimora!

Finally! A classy look for Amber! yaaassss

I wasn't too impressed with the fashion on this red carpet! :-/

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Art

My fav...took 3 weeks to finish [including a big fuss over me not meeting the deadline ha]. I put a lot of thought in how I selected the pics to put in this collage & the arrangement. The part that was the most fun to do was probably Karl in the top left corner. The Alexander McQueen bag behind his pic probably took the longest to color...along with the deep brown skinned girl. Done in pastels, Prismacolor colored pencils, charcoal, & pen.  Anywho I love it & it will be framed in my room:)

A portrait done from a spread of Amanda Seyfried [the dumb blonde in Mean Girls lol] in Teen Vogue mag. Pointalistic/Crosshatch/Contour assignment done in pen & ink.

A portrait of this singer named Alice Smith...done in Ebony pencil, Prismacolor colored pencil, & Charcoal

Friday, July 9, 2010

Where I'm taking sewing lessons:)

Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak, Michigan

Fell in love with this store! I'm going to miss it & my crazy sewing teachers:) Really wish we had one in's heaven to designers

Buttons & notions galore 

The bridal section...custom made wedding gowns

*Cue angelic song*

More stuff & sewing machine repair

One of the classrooms

Sewing machines for sale

Patterns & more fabrics


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