Thursday, June 10, 2010

Willow Smith's style: Too young?

I personally think that you're n e v e r too young to develop your own unique style! I think it's fabulous that Willow has disregarded what the media thinks and marched to her own beat because I believe it's a good sign of high self-esteem & confidence. We all know that young girls in our society need a confidence boost like Willow's! I told my 7 year old cousin that she was pretty yesterday and she said "No I'm not", and the other day she said she wished she was white so she could have "long blonde hair"! SMH. Sorry about my tangent but you get the point...

Hmm. Maybe if she switched the jacket with something a little less mature she won't look like she's about 20. haha Nonetheless I think she looks cute!

I love this pic. Family love<3 Jaden is sooo adorable...and his style dope for his age as well! Will & Jada must be proud!

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