Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trend Alert: Mixed Prints

Although I rarely try this, I really like mixed prints done well. Here are a couple of tips to pull it off:

Make sure you have a base color throughout the outfit. That is, make sure one color repeats in every piece. Rihanna has on a Dolce and Gabanna Two Toned Leopard Print dress, and I haven't seen colored leopard print in a while...but I think it works on her.

Runway shots from Basso and Broke Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Combine loose prints with structured prints, i.e. flowers & stripes. Isn't the grey & black skirt on the bottom gorgeous? This trend isn't only for the runway loves, these looks are obviously ready-to-wear and even though they would be a bit surprising I could see someone wearing this on the street!

Kanye & his entourage...bahhaaahaa! I see they all have style...but they don't exactly seem like the kind of people he'd be hanging around. Anywho, I'm drawn to the one with the green jacket and tight leopard pants...I like that combo.. for a girl! Well maybe not the sweater and bow tie, but something to that effect. Blend small designs with large prints, i.e. animal print with geometric patterns. Also, think of stripes as neutrals that you can pair with anything.

My personal advice is: if you dress bold, be bold. Don't go and wear a cute outfit then be scared of what everybody thinks. Yes, check before you leave that you don't look crazy & that you're following the guidelines. But once that's done, be confident and rock it! :)
Perhaps after I do a little more shopping, I'll post some pics of me trying it out.

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