Friday, May 21, 2010

More Amateur Sketches...

I have a little Moleskin book [all the greats had one] that I carry around in my purse daily so that I can sketch designs from inspiration when I'm out. These designs aren't much for creativity, but they're decent. I don't often share my sketches with y'all because I know I need to get my drawing skills up! [haha] But I will spare some of my pride just to give you guys a look at what I like and a little peep into my mind...
This one is pretty much just following today's trend with the accentuated shoulders...

This is definitely a piece derived completely from my imagination...pretty different

So I've recently become a huge fan of African prints. The shoulder petals on this dress [which should've been drawn a little longer lol] would be in the print on the bottom, or maybe another print with more color. And i was even thinking maybe some black mesh sewn over each individual petal and some tiny black beads outlining the petals for a different kind of look. Oh yea, and scratch that mesh part on the bottom and keep that the same fabric as the rest of the dress lol 

This is probably my favorite right now. Again, the print [loveeee!] on the bottom would be for the top and i was thinking about putting a zipper for closure on the back of it... but you probably don't want to risk some jerk unzipping it while you're out in public lol. The pants would be black or tan.

Yessss, I am well aware that I'm extra:) But being extra has never failed me, it's always put me a step ahead haha but yea this is the design of my blog t-shirt that I really hope to get made this summer. Some of my close friends had some input for the design but it was mostly all me. I have a few different ways I would like to go about the design, like paint & stencil for "COLOR", embroidery for the rest, or embroidery for all of it but different colors for "COLOR". Maybe I can make each one differently. I want them in this slouchy shirt style and in a regular t-shirt.


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