Thursday, May 20, 2010

Local Designer Spotlight: Ashley Tucker

Name: Ashley Tucker
Age: 22
Origin: charlotte, nc
Fav. Quote: no need to run, your fate will follow

How would others describe your style?
eclectic + eccentric + colorful

How long have you been sewing?
my mother taught me how to sew when i was 7
What and/or who inspires you?
nature + my surroundings really inspire me, as well as art. i love lumber yards + industrial mills. i pull inspiration from the strangest, most random things.

Plans after graduation?
i will be entering grad school in the spring to earn a masters of art in fashion

Ultimate life goal?
one day i want to own a boutique showcasing my designs, other designers, and footwear Favorite designers? woo young mi, wunderkind, betsey johnson, 3.1 phillip lim, no. 21, missoni, nom de guerre

Any advice for other aspiring designers?
do what you feel, feel what you do. never doubt your creative genius.

Ashley is a great inspiration for not only future designers, but for anyone that has a passion and a dream. Passion + Hard Work = Success. Check out more of her clothes at!

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