Friday, April 16, 2010

13th Annual AATS Fashion Expose

The African American Textiles Society (of which I am a member) of NC State had their 13th Annual Fashion Expose last night displaying the creativity and talent of young aspiring designers from NCSU and other schools in the area. The turnout was great and the show had me excited for the debut of my line in the future!
I snapped a few pics (yea, I know the quality isn't great :p) of the lines and different looks that I loved:

Intro of the Show

Sandy Chen: Petals
This one was cute!

Stephanie Mejia: The Beginning to the End
This line was particularly impressive. So much detail included in her designs and they were also completely differently from any other line I've ever seen! 

Marissa Monroe: Classic Twist
My two favorite pieces from my friend's line! I was so proud :)

Tanesha Lee: Gethsemane 

Guest Designer: Jessica Fulks

There were many more clothing lines than displayed here, I wish I could have gotten them all! 

After the show...


New friends :)

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