Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars...the Pretty, the Interesting, & the Ugly

Let's start with the pretty... :)

she kinda looks like an Oscar...I like it!

This looks like a nice balance with the fit & the full ruffle layers

Didn't see her whole dress but aren't they a cute couple ?

Beautiful Queen! This color is the best on her skin tone

I love all things shimmery.

I don't see why Miley got so many bad reviews for this dress. I mean, I don't really like her either, but i loveee the dress!

I like this dress but i wish she had more accessories...she looks so plain!

I think if this dress was on anybody else i wouldn't like it as much...butttt since it's on Rachael McAdams, i love:) reminds me of a silent storm

This dress flatters Gabby well. I love her confidence as well...she's a strong girl no matter how many haters she has.

This dress is pretty, but also pretty boring. Mo'Nique looks radiant & I'm so happy she won Best Supporting Actress

I love Tina Fey! This Michael Kors dress was a pleasant surprise:)

Now for the...interesting :-/

You either love or hate this one. It's couture so of course it's a little bizzare...i like it though...especially the top 

This dress is pretty, but entirely too close to her skin tone! wash out!

Again, pretty, but it seems to really weigh her down on the bottom.

I knew this was Chanel when I first saw it...kind of on the fence about this one.

Annnndddd the ugly... :(

I mean really...what was she thinking? It did nothing for her figure & it seemed a little awkward.

YAWNNN....same old, same old with Mariah...switch it up I'm gettin' bored with the cleavage/high slit/simple draping combo!

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