Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy dresses...

Let's start with Lady Gaga...hmm. weird like usual. Next.

I have mixed reviews for Beyonce...i like the embroidery, but am I the only one that thinks the earrings really clashed? That and the glittery strands in her hair [which reminded me of a 10 yr old] made her whole look look a little tacky. Am I wrong ?

I lovedddd Pink's dress & her performance was bomb. This color look great with her hair too!

Keri! pretty & simple! very flattering! love it.

Melanie Fiona looks fabulous!

Ummm. Ciara.! SMH NEXT!

Mary Mary. Why is the black making them look bigger ?

Johnnn. Nice. Guess I would like it better if the suit wasn't so...snug. Anywhoo..

Jennifer! Yes! Wow she lost a lot of weight. I like this look, but i wish she had wore something more glamourous.

Mya looks gorgeous...Usher looks great!

Rihannaaaa! Yesssss....she saved the night in Elie Saab Haute Couture. She looks regal. Success.

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