Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion from upcoming Music Videos...


A little fun on the set...

Bey's mom helping out...

Tribal scene

Are those shorts tight enough? lol I think I like this jacket..close up please.

Yup, I love it. I like anything that's interesting. I love the vibrant African - inspired prints.

This video is taking place in Rio Dejanero. These prints on her are crazy and beautiful. Let's take a closer look...

yessss Alicia. This outfit is so flattering for her shape and the bright colors really make me miss the summertime! 

More of the Designer's work...



Erykah Badu

These outfits are from the "Boxing Kitten" collection (www.boxingkitten.com) and are "rooted in the political and cultural elements that women faced during the civil rights movement". Maya Amina is the designer of Boxing Kitten and "embraces contradiction". She says, "The cleverness of the marriage between fabric and pattern is essential to my process. Contradiction, hypocrisy and the willingness to accept the inevitability of the two are at the core of my inspirations. This is what designing for Boxing Kitten embodies."

Designer Maya Amina

I love love loveee this collection because it has deep meaning behind it and truly is a work of art. I hope to see more of her designs in the press in the near future! 


That's a dope earring...or whatever it is lol I like the basic color scheme of this scene, from the little video clip preview I watched, the backround will be black & white as well. It reminds me of Santogold in one of her videos where all her backgrounds matched her outfit. Anyways, this bodysuit is crazy! 

Rihanna looks like she had a lot of fun shooting this video. Can't see the whole dress, but it's unlike any I've seen before, very creative. Wish i could get a close up, but I'm sure we will when it comes out...the shoes are incredible [& dangerous looking lol]

I think this hat reminds me of Fresh Prince...lol nevertheless it's interesting. I like the bold leggings & fun feel to the outfit. Much different than any of Rih's other recent videos that projected a dark mood.

Look's like we have some dope videos coming up y'all...

[photos from KidduNot.com]

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